It all started years and years ago.  My grandmother, Inez, learned to sew at a very young age. She then taught my mom, Nancy, when she was little.  My mom taught me and now I am teaching my daughter…. See a trend?  Over the years, I have had many “businesses”.  I had my own clothing line in 1983, which I “sold” to my friends, a jewelry line called Junk to Jewels by Jen (clever!?) and a nail salon out of my dorm room at Texas Tech (this one actually made $$).

I was a fashion design major, so I decided to put my sewing and creative talents to work. After graduation, I moved to NYC and worked for Perry Ellis Menswear.  It was Christmas of 1998 when my latest business took off! The only problem of starting a new company, is what do you name it? Mom asked, “What best describes you?” Well…. I was born & raised in Dallas, TX and married a Yankee…

Since it was my first “married” Christmas, I wanted to do something fun & cute as our first Christmas card.  As luck would have it, a sorority sister (ZTA) was opening a Papyrus store on the Upper West Side, and agreed to let me launch my line there.  I have since kept busy creating handmade items made with vintage linens and other up-cycled fabrics… and haven’t stopped since!  I enjoy creating all sorts of new things with old things! 


So, with a little help from my husband and 3 kids, I present to you Southern Yankee.

Y’all enjoy!

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